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Rhody Ranch


More Cows Coming!

Jody is planning on getting more cows. Eventually there will be approximately 16 cows at Rhody Ranch. Its entertaining to watch the horses and the cows. Some of the horses are indifferent towards them, some are a bit nervous, and those that used to be afraid of them are feeling the urge to move them around. Once this heat subsides perhaps we’ll get a little cow-sorting started.


Rhody Ranch’s Newest Family Member

Tigger,(and yes, I said Tigger. When you see him you’ll see he is aptly named.) Out of Obviously Teachers Best [Tilly] was born just this month (April). Tigger is a colt who has so much bounce and energy, He will go until he can’t anymore, lay down for a nap. then he’s up and at it again. He’s very curious about everything around him. That curiosity gets him into trouble sometimes. One day he forgot to follow momma into the next field and found himself wondering around on the other side of the fence from momma and came face to face with a horse that wasn’t momma! The look on his face was priceless. Needless to say momma (Tilly) was not amused.

Have you found That Barn?

You know the one… The one that becomes home. The one that becomes your place. The one that you go to at 8 a.m. and suddenly it’s 8 p.m. and you’re still not ready to leave.

This barn is the place where your best friends, your horses, your partners in crime, your team, and your family reside. This barn is the best, even if it’s not the “best” in other people’s eyes. You don’t care. This barn is perfect to the only people who matter. <<MORE>>


RanchRulesThe Ranch Rules are simple and are meant to be that way, because life has a way of making things harder than they have to be.

Rhody Ranch is an equine boarding & training facility nestled in the Blue Mountains of South Central Pennsylvania. The stables are less than 30 minutes from Dickinson College located in Carlisle, PA,, Penn State, and Shippensburg University, as well as Carlisle Army-War College, and 40 minutes from Wilson College in Chambersburg.

Rhody Ranch welcomes all breeds and disciplines to enjoy 100 acres situated in Cumberland County. Rhody Ranch is a self-care facility and has boarding available for field boarding and stalls when they are available. Essentially, self-care means that while Rhody Ranch takes care of all feeding the client is required to provide the desired feed and keep the stall cleaned if you’re boarding and using a stall for your horse. For more information about self-care please see the About page that goes into more detail.