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Rhody Ranch

Have You Found “That Barn”?


You know the one… The one that becomes home. The one that becomes your place. The one that you go to at 8 a.m. and suddenly it’s 8 p.m. and you’re still not ready to leave.

This barn is the place where your best friends, your horses, your partners in crime, your team, and your family reside. This barn is the best, even if it’s not the best in other people’s eyes. You don’t care. This barn is perfect to the only people who matter.

You go to this barn every day that you can, because don’t we all know that real life gets in our way. You go alone, you go to meet your friends, you go to ride, you go to do nothing. This barn is the place where sometimes you end up sitting at the picnic table by the ring for 5 hours just talking and laughing and forget to ride and forget that real life exists outside of these fences. This place is your therapy.

You have been here at almost every hour of every day at some point in time. 5 a.m. horse show calls, 1am coming home from road trips and still having to unload the horses, unwrap, blanket, un-blanket, poultice, re-wrap, and feed, hay, water, turn out or turn in. 10pm after Christmas parties when everyone is standing in the snow in their silly sweaters feeding their horses treats, because it’s cool to hang out with your horses in the middle of the night, even if it’s freezing.

The people at this barn have been with you through the best and worst days of your life since you’ve met them. They may not all be the same age range; they may not be in the same walks of life, but they are there. They may not have even always been there, but since they’ve been there, they’ve never wavered.

Finding That Barn is like finding your heart horse. It’s an ever illusive dream that some people think is unreachable, and then one day when you least expect it you just fall into the front door, inhale the scent of hay, grain, shavings, and horses, and you realize that you’ve come home.

I’ve found mine, I hope you find yours, too. Whether it be your backyard, your best friend’s back yard, your family farm, a local boarding facility, a big name show barn, or a shack in the woods. I don’t care. I just hope you find it, because it’s wonderful. And it’s home.


~Jody Rhody, Rhody Ranch

Happy Trails…

Jody and King at the Bonny Brook riding club Breast Cancer Ride