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Rhody Ranch


Horse boarding with peace of mind


While working in the carlisle pa area (T.M.I nuclear plant) I decided to bring two of my five, (now six) horses with me. I boarded my two babies, Hemi an Biggs, at Rhody Ranch, and found Jody to have the same love of horses as I do. This is not your everyday run of the mill boarding ranch. Jody pays a lot of attention to your horses keeping them well fed an cared for. If you’re not around for a few days she will keep you informed of how your horses are doing which was a quality I really liked. I had boarded my other 3 horses closer to my home town and never once got a phone call on how my horses were doing! And, as I said earlier you can have peace of mind at Rhody Ranch! Jody’s always adding too her knowledge of horses with DVDs and books on veterinary care and other aspects of horse care and handling. Thank you Jody for making the boarding of my horses so worry free. Jerry !!!!