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Missing the Summer Riding Season

Even though it’s not yet officially winter yet it feels like it’s been cold for quite a while. I thought I’d post this image of Ali Timko as a reminder of what an awesome Summer riding season we had at Rhody Ranch. The two poker runs (trail challenges) we had this Summer masterfully organized by Jamie Mitchell were so much fun we can’t wait till Spring to so we can getting more of them organized. And perhaps, add another level of difficulty to boot! And lets not forget the fun we had during the last fun show at the ranch.

There’s a fair chance this winter season that we’ll take a few trips to the mountains – Doubling Gap – for some snow riding; weather permitting of course. That means it has to be cold enough for the ground to harden up so it’s not a sloppy, muddy mess. Check the web sites event calendar now and then to see what if there’s anything posted to it.

Not to worry though… in another week or so the days will start getting longer then all we’ve got to do is make it through January and February and half of March. That’s when the real fun begins. With the number of nor-easters we’ve gotten so far this year March could be shaping up to be one of those record snow fall events. Only time will tell. In the meantime take advantage of every opportunity you can to get over and get your pony saddled up while the weather is still mild. (30’s and 40’s is technically considered mild winter weather.)

~Jody Happy Trails Everyone!