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Horses 101

Her vision is forward, her decision made she moves her own feet in the direction she means to go. Because the horse is a herd animal horse sense dictates that everyone follows the leader. If you want to be a strong leader for your horse then you must present yourself to your horse in the same manner.

Horses 101

Remember, first they’re looking to be able to trust and then they’ll follow you. You know that saying, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink?” There is a lot of truth in that statement. The more I think about it the more I see in that statement.

Barn LifeHorses 101

Horses primarily use body language to communicate when in close proximity to one another. At distance they will call out or whinny to other horse.

Horses 101

At that moment it is your job as your horses leader to move all the other horses away from you and your horse. If you allow your horse to do that for you, you’ve given up a critical opportunity to show your horse that you are the leader and forced them to take over that roll.

Horses 101

As a human you have to understand that horses already know how to be horses. We as humans often approach horsemanship at the beginning as though these animals know nothing which simply isn’t true.

Horses 101

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Mind you my horse, Sonny, knew far more about cow sorting than I did when I experienced this for the first time. To this day I’m still finding things he knows that I had no idea were in there. Yep… he’s holding out on me.


You might be wondering why there are cows on a horse ranch, right? The answer to that is simple: One of the things we enjoy doing at Rhody is cow sorting. In order to be any good at it and really enjoy the activity is to first get your horse used to seeing and being around cows.

Horses 101

When I first got my gelding Sonny I made him a promise. I promised him that nothing in my hand would ever hurt him or cause him pain.


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